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Bazilio Optica

Bazilio Optica

Simple, stylish and functional e-shop

E-shop for store that sale premium quality glasses. The main task was to create very simple store that will be easy to use as for people of any ages. That’s why there are no special elements, animations and others.

The main feature is sizes of eyeglass frames. They are added at admin panel for every product at special fields. At frontend user can see template with that sizes. It helps to save a lot of time, because earlier client were making a separate picture with sizes for every product.

Client: Bazilio Optica
Our Role: Design, Development

Minimum information and clear design helps to concentrate at product. Maybe, it was one reason why sales via internet growth vs previous website.


We avoid small elements to make interface more comfortable for everyone.

Design & Prototype

Design was created to be light and easy for people of any ages.


E-shot adapt to every size of screen of any device


Great as on desktop

Mobile version missed some information because client decided that it is not necessary for this. Adaptive design help to use e-shop at any device even with slow internet connection.