Many years ago, when I was a little boy, arcade games were very popular. In Ukraine it was hard to find arcade machine, but we had SEGA (to be honest it was not real SEGA, just cheap chinese clone). And there were some games from arcade machines.

As I like racing, I liked game OutRun. It was wonderful game, and now it is the same. Few monthes ago I founded project of Patrick Stillhart, who made one level of this game at web. I was very interested at this project, downloaded it and modified a little.

Today is a day of love, and I decided to show this game. Boy with his girl take a part at racing on Ferrari. It is love story, isn’t it? So, there you can play it.

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Cstart game Mon/off music <>steering <>gas/brake

P.S.: My girlfriend tried several times to get to the finish line, but she got no success)